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ROLPH SCARLETT  1889 - 1984



 At first, as an artist, I had the privilege and honor to study with ROLPH SCARLETT for
number of years in early 1970's in his small house in Shady, near Woodstock, New York.
His large sculptured jewelry creations fascinated me so much, that I wanted to learn his technique.
 At the same time, I learned how very passionate he was about his
NON-OBJECTIVE-ART, which he created over a period of more than 30 years. After
I told him how much I loved his paintings and gouaches, he spent many months teaching me
 about the dynamics and elements of this avant-garde art. ROLPH SCARLETT introduced me
 to his large collection of abstract and non-objective art works, partially stored in his garage.
 I immediately recognized the importance of ROLPH SCARLETT unique fine
 NON-OBJECTIVE art. Later, after I started my own gallery in 1975, Jaro Art Galleries,
on Madison Avenue,  I became one of the first art dealers representing him and showing
 his one-of-a-kind sculptured jewelry, in a special one-man show, as well as his none-objective
 art works, including original oils on canvas and gouaches on paper or board. Many of
  ROLPH SCARLETT select and finest original works from the gallery collection are
 featured on this web site for your consideration to be included  in your fine art collection.

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